Birthday Party Function Room Hire

We Specialise in Birthday Parties So You Don’t Have To

It doesn’t matter whether your age is eight or eighty. Everyone appreciates having a birthday party throw in their honour. But while most everyone likes to attend a birthday party, hosting them can quickly become more of a chore rather than a labour of love.

Hosting a large birthday party at your home can lead to parking and noise issues, accidental property damage and, of course the dreaded clean-up after the guests have departed.

At Dreux Bar Melbourne, we know your pain and we’ve taken pains of our own to make sure you have an easy option when it comes to throwing a birthday party for a deserving friend or loved one.

Our small Function rooms are conveniently located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD and provide the perfect place to hold the next birthday party you have planned.

The Perfect Venue for Both Young and Old

Our main room at Dreux Bar Melbourne is a large, tastefully contemporary space that features a large and well-stocked bar. The room is perfect for hosting both kid’s and adult parties.

Our chefs are skilled in preparing party dishes that appeal to either a child’s or an adult’s palate. And our bartenders, skilled in the art of mixology, are just as skilled at creating soft drink and fruit juice concoctions that will delight any thirsty kid.

You can meet with our managers, chefs and bartenders to plan a birthday menu that will be sure to satisfy your invited crowd, no matter what their age group may be.

Our Additional Services Add to a Fun Birthday Experience

Our talented DJs are very popular additions to any birthday party. They have the knowledge and experience to tailor their playlists to any age group.

They can help control the dynamics of the party by slowing down the music when a group of children get a little over-rambunctious and get them moving when they need to work off a bit of energy. They’re also experts at playing party tunes to liven up the most lacklustre group of adults.

We can also provide a photobooth that appeals to any age group and gives them a memento that the guests can take home as a souvenir of the party.

Our projection services can be used to display photos of the guest of honour at an adult’s birthday party or show cartoons to provide an additional attraction at a kid’s party.

Plus, we can provide a talented, professional MC to act as a motivator and cheerleader. They can lead activities planned for the party and generally add humour and excitement to any party. They can put the focus on the guest of honour when it needs to be on them and ensure that everyone is having a good time.

Call us now to organise your next birthday party. We’ll be able to make other suggestions that will ensure the success of your upcoming occasion. We’ll have you breathing a sigh of relief at how easy throwing a birthday party can be.