Corporate Function Rooms for Hire

Provide Your Corporate Function with the Elegance it Deserves

Hosting a corporate event can be tricky at times. Not only will your corporate management be judging every arrangement you make, but if you happen to work for a publically-traded company, the Melbourne press and public may offer unwanted scrutiny as well.

Choosing the best venue and engaging the best staff to work your event can go a long way in alleviating any scrutiny you might encounter.

At Dreux Bar Melbourne, we offer function rooms located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD that even the president of your company will give an enthusiastic nod to.

Image is Everything at a Corporate Event

A corporate event, out of necessity, will always strive to present a certain image. Every event must always show the company in its best light and support the well-earned reputation of its brand name.

The managers and staff at Dreux Bar Melbourne fully understand this. This is why we have become one of Melbourne’s favourite venues for corporate parties and events.

We offer function rooms in Melbourne that are contemporary, chic, elegant and timeless — the type of function rooms that add to a company’s cachet and reflect favourably on its reputation.

Tasteful Services to Enhance Your Company’s Image

But the success of a corporate event relies on much more than simply choosing the right venue. We also provide a repertoire of services that further enhance the presentation that a company strives to project to their customers, investors and the public.

Tasteful services such as a flower wall which can have your company’s logo incorporated into its design and serve as a backdrop for press and company

photographs. A talented and experienced DJ can play appropriate and non-intrusive background music throughout a corporate cocktail party.

We also offer MCs who can provide introductions of the VIPs attending the event and act as corporate spokespersons in addressing the assembled guests with a prepared greeting or message. We can provide a projection system that displays your company’s message or logo and supports the MC visually in the delivery of your company’s address or statement.

Refreshments Worthy of Your Company’s Image

Our managers, chefs and bartenders will sit down with you prior to the event and discuss the entire food menu to be served, as well as the cocktails and wines that will be offered to your guests and VIPs.

We will also ensure that all refreshments at the event will be prepared to your specifications and be given an exquisite presentation when serving your guests. We will also discuss the order in which the menu will be presented throughout the event and any serving preferences that you may require.

Call us to learn more about how using our Melbourne function rooms for your corporate event can enhance your company’s image.