Function Rooms for Engagement Parties

Make Your Engagement Party as Memorable as Your Wedding

There really are no hard and fast rules or traditions to follow when hosting an engagement party. For some, an engagement is meant to be celebrated within the circle of family and close friends only. For others, engagement parties are a chance to shout from the rooftops of your love for each other.
Whichever school of thought you tend to embrace, your engagement party should reflect your own sense of fun and living life at its fullest.
The trend these days is to stay far away from a stuffy and formal engagement party. Instead of sticking with the passé engagement events of the past, you should explore fun themes, activities and refreshments that address who you are as a couple and celebrate your future life together.

The Perfect Engagement Party Venue

Our main function room in Melbourne is the perfect venue to hold your engagement party. It is a large room with a chic décor that lends itself well to themed decorations. The room features a large bar that is kept very well-stocked.
Our Melbourne venue is the ideal place to hold a colourful and fun event such as an engagement party.

Create Your Own Celebration of Your Engagement

At Dreux Bar Melbourne, we have a wealth of experience in making an engagement party both special and memorable. We can offer ideas for foods and refreshments that will fit any theme that you can come up with. The crazier the theme, the better, as far as we’re concerned. Our talented managers, chefs and bartenders enjoy a challenge.
Sit down with our chefs and bartenders and give us an outline of what you want to achieve at your event. We’ll come back to you with suggestions and tips on foods and drinks that will make the most of what you have planned.

Explore Our Extra Services

We will do our utmost to make your engagement celebration as memorable as humanly possible. Our extra services are something you should definitely explore in creating the theme of your party.
We can offer MCs and DJs that will add an extra amount of professional ‘oomph’ to whatever you have planned. They will work closely with you to make your celebration lively and fun for your guests by providing both a running commentary and a musical backdrop whenever you need them. They will also serve to support whatever activities you have planned for the event.
We have other services as well that you might want to include in your celebration. Services like a lollie buffet where the theme can be reflected in the designs and presentation of confections and cakes.
A photobooth is also always fun. The resulting photos of the honoured couple can be used in the wedding invitations and program later on. A flower wall will serve as the perfect photo backdrop and can be adapted to reflect the party’s theme. A projection system can be used to show images of the happy couple in earlier times.

Call us today to see how successful and fun an engagement party at the Dreux Bar Melbourne function rooms can be.