Hire a DJ in your function room

Music makes the world go round and it can also mean the life or death of an event. Having a skilled and experienced DJ playing music at your event is one of the best ways to ensure the success of your carefully-planned event in our private hire function rooms.

By using an experienced DJ to control the dynamics of an event, a host can ramp up the level of excitement or give the guests time to catch their breath. They can set an elegant backdrop of music to reinforce a corporate image or use music to instil a sense of anticipation and expectation of an important company announcement.

And what wedding reception would be complete without a knowledgeable DJ to cue the different traditional wedding activities and play the couple’s signature song for their first dance as a married couple?

We provide DJs who work together with the host of an event to ensure that the music being played sets the correct mood for the occasion

By sitting down with our DJs beforehand you can outline how you want the event to proceed. Using this information, the DJ will put together a playlist of the most appropriate music to play for the host to approve.

The DJ can then monitor the mood of the guests throughout the course of the evening and suggest any changes to alter the on-going dynamics of the event.

By paying close attention to the wishes of the host, our DJs go the extra mile in providing a level of service which can make every event a smashing success.