A Flower Wall for Weddings and Parties

A flower wall can lend an unexpected and elegant touch of class to an event. A lot of your guests may never have seen a flower wall or experienced the fragrant, colourful and beautiful ambience it can add to any event.

The flower walls we provide are handmade specifically for your event. Before your event you can meet with our flower wall artists and discuss the types of flowers and any pattern you might like to have reflected in the arrangement of flowers.

Then, let our artists go to work hand-crafting a breath-taking wall from your choice of fresh flowers. The flower walls can be constructed in a variety of sizes and styles to suit the occasion.

A Flower Wall can transform your function room and make for a memorable event at your wedding or engagement

Flower walls serve as the perfect backdrop for photographs during a wedding reception or engagement party. They can symbolise a much appreciated token of the love you have for a mother, wife, sister or daughter on the occasion of their birthday party.

They also lend an air of sophistication and style to a formal corporate cocktail event by being incorporated into the overall theme of the event. You can have your company’s logo included in the flower wall in contrasting-coloured flowers. The branding possibilities are practically endless with a flower wall.

When you’re hiring a function room for next event, make it a memorable one by planning a wonderfully fragrant flower wall to be part of your themed décor. Your guests will appreciate the extra thought and effort you have shown in making your event as special as it can be.