Lollie Buffet for private functions

A lollie buffet is primarily a dessert table. However, the term ‘lollie buffet’ has come to mean so much more than a simple table laid out with pies and cakes.

Lollie buffets are becoming increasingly popular with event hosts who like to incorporate the theme of the occasion into as many aspects of the event as possible. And lollie buffets afford them an outlet to explore their creative, theming ideas.

A well-designed lollie buffet generally focuses on variety and colour in its theme. It makes good use of variously shaped glass jars that serve to dress up the presentation of the kaleidoscope of colourful confections on display.

Lollies, if you haven’t already guessed, are one of the major offerings of these charming and whimsical displays. But there can be so much more to a lollie buffet. A lollie buffet can be a showpiece of the confectioner’s talents in regards to the theme of function the event.

Lollies can be handmade in shapes that reflect the theme of the function or event

Extravagant, whimsical cakes can be created that also reflect some aspect of the theme of the event. Every confection chosen as part of the buffet is generally adding to the overall colour palette chosen to achieve the desired artistic effect.

Lollie buffets also serve as take home gifts as well. By providing small, decorative lollie buffet bags, the guests are encouraged to take home some of the buffet’s colourful delights to enjoy later.

If you are thinking about a small function room for hosting a themed party, contact us to see how a lollie buffet can be a delightful and integral attraction of your upcoming event. We will give you ideas of the numerous confections we can offer to make your lollie display one of your event’s biggest hits.