Hire a Photobooth at your function

The photo booth has been around for a long time. Most of the older generations fondly remember the days when the photo booth was a must-visit activity on every excursion to a fun fair or arcade. Long ago, way before the days of ‘selfies’ and digital cameras, the photo booth served as the only means of getting an instant photo with your friends and loved ones.

Yet, today the photo booth has still proven to be just as popular with the younger generations. There is just something about crowding into a photo booth to mug for the camera that seems to bring out the child in everyone. Having that familiar strip of multiple pictures that you can hang on the door of your fridge still seems to be a rite of passage for fun-loving people the world over.

Hiring a Photobooth into our function rooms can transform your event into a party

There is something magical that simply having a series of timed photos brings out in the photo’s subjects. The variety of smiles, grimaces, crossed eyes and silly faces a photo booth seems to inspire are truly remarkable. They are perfect in a function room for birthday parties, engagements and wedding receptions.

Normally rational people with the latest smartphone in their pocket will still queue up just for the chance to have some fun in a photo booth.

The photo booth that we offer is one of our most popular services. People just can’t seem to get enough of them. They are a popular attraction to include at almost any event, be it a function for a corporate party or more family and friends oriented. Include a photo booth in your function room at your next event to create simple memories that your guests will treasure for years to come.