Projector Hire for Functions

We are living in an increasingly image-conscious world, a world where every address or speech is often accompanied by a visual presentation. With visual presentations so widespread these days, offering a projection service is something that we felt was necessary to encourage the creative juices in our clients.

Projection can be used in all sorts of creative ways. It can be used to convey information or it can be silly and fun. It can be used to provide set-ups or punch-lines. It can provide a branding opportunity or remind the guests of the purpose of an event.

The ways that you can enliven an event by the use of projection are limited only by your imagination

For corporate-themed events, the use of projection is practically a given. When it isn’t being used to remind people of the brand sponsoring the event, it is used to display PowerPoint presentations or corporate messages that reinforce the awareness of that brand.

Projection can be used to reinforce an address given by a speaker as well. A series of well-planned images projected during an address can add a lot of power to the ideas the speaker is expressing verbally.

In a celebratory or fun event, the use of projection can provide punch-lines during a good-natured roast of a guest of honour. It can be used to provide context and history during a wedding function. And it can be used to provide a sentimental look back at a life shared by a couple celebrating an anniversary.

Give us a call when hiring a function room to find out other ways that projection can be used to benefit your upcoming event in Melbourne.